Wild Mikes Ultimate Pizza

Wild Mikes Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza

Mike is one Craaazyyyy guy! Let’s dig right in to this bad boy.


Oh. This font and logo look like they were both drawn by a visually impaired toddler who was asked to draw an accurate representation of Nickelodeon’s hit 90’s show “Doug!” and he totally bombed it. This box, this box is so poorly designed that I can’t even imagine eating this awful excuse for a pizza.


Wild Mike’s Pizza? More like Wild… SIKE Pizza! April fools! Because this is just, like, a good pizza. Weighing in at over 2 pounds, and being a pretty respectable size in diameter, we have here a good contender for best giant pizza. We know the ‘Squatch ain’t gonna cut it, so if you’re in the market for a big ol’ pizza, I would point you to Wild Mikes.


The flavor of this pizza is similar to that of a Little Caesar’s pizza, but notably of higher quality. The cheese is wonderful, and pepperoni is never not good. Delicious thin cuts of pork… or beef? And beef? Look, I may not know exactly what pepperoni is, but I like it. The crust is crunchy, which is a plus in my book. Once again, I followed the directions on the minimum setting, and this time it turned out A-OK! Sauce was nothing special, just your normal every day pizza sauce. Oh, and did I mention, this thing only costs $5.74 at wal-mart?? That’s like $4 cheaper than the sasquatch pizza! Don’t buy that, buy this. IT EVEN COMES WITH RED PEPPER FLAKES! image2

I don’t even like this stuff, but if you do, it’s a nice touch. I refrigerated what I had left over night, and I ate it cold in the morning. It was okay, but if I had to pick a temperature to eat it at, it would not be cold. So I put it in the microwave, and it was good all over again.

On to the scoring system:

Size: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Meat: 7/10
Sauce: 7/10
Cheese: 8/10
Crust: 7/10
Box: 6/10
Cold: 7/10
Reheated: 8/10

Overall: 7.75/10 IS-A DEAL B O I S

Buy this pizza


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